Adoption of autonomous Cyber tools thru Command Zero
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Adoption of autonomous Cyber tools thru Command Zero

Command Zero, the industrys first autonomous and userled cyber investigation platform, announced its emergence from stealth with $21 million in seed funding. The funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz and Insight Partners, along with over 60 cyber industry thought leaders and executives, will be used to further develop and enhance the platform.

The funding will primarily be used to expand Command Zeros capabilities in autonomous cyber investigation tools. The platform aims to solve the significant bottleneck in security operations by improving the efficiency and speed of investigations. By leveraging encoded expert knowledge, automation, and advanced Language Learning Models (LLMs), Command Zero seeks to revolutionize the way organizations conduct cyber investigations.

The funding round was led by Andreessen Horowitz and Insight Partners, highlighting the industrys confidence in Command Zeros innovative approach to cybersecurity. Over 60 cyber industry thought leaders and executives also participated in the funding round, showcasing widespread support for the platforms mission to streamline and enhance security operations.

In addition to the funding, Command Zeros seasoned leadership team, including cofounders Dov Yoran, Dean De Beer, and Alfred Huger, brings extensive experience in security operations and incident response. With a track record of successful cybersecurity acquisitions, the team is wellequipped to drive Command Zeros mission of transforming cyber investigations at scale.

Overall, the funding will support Command Zero in further developing its platform to address the challenging and evolving cybersecurity landscape. By combining automation, expert knowledge, and advanced LLMs, Command Zero aims to empower organizations to conduct thorough, efficient, and consistent cyber investigations.


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