Aslan Energy Capital Signs MOU for ANEM Project in Sonora, Mexico
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Aslan Energy Capital Signs MOU for ANEM Project in Sonora, Mexico

Aslan Energy Capital (Aslan Energy) has taken a significant step towards sustainable energy production by signing an MOU for the acquisition of 35,000 hectares of land in Sonora, Mexico. The land will be used for the ANEM (Aslan Netzero Energy Mexico) Project, a solarbased green hydrogen and green ammonia production facility aimed at revolutionizing Mexicos energy landscape and reducing carbon emissions. The project is aligned with Mexicos Sonora Plan and will contribute to sustainable energy production and agricultural sovereignty.

The ANEM Project in Sonora, Mexico, will leverage the regions exceptional solar irradiance to power green hydrogen production, supporting Mexicos climate goals and promoting sustainability. Dr. Gho Wie Min, VP Engineering of Aslan Energy, emphasized the projects potential to drive positive change by reducing carbon emissions and fostering agricultural sustainability. Aslan Energys expertise in largescale energy projects, including a 600 MW electrolyserbased green hydrogen plant in Indonesia, positions them to pioneer this project in North America.

Commercial operations for the ANEM Project are set to begin in 2028, with Phase 1 focusing on producing nearly 600,000 tonnes of green ammonia per year. The projects production capacity will double in Phase 2 by 2030. Green hydrogen production will play a pivotal role in Mexicos Sonora Plan, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and enhancing energy security. Aslan Energy plans to establish a localized supply chain hub in Sonora, welcoming strategic partners to support the project.

The project will be developed in four phases over a 10year period, with a focus on serving the domestic market in Mexico and potential exports to the US and other markets. Preliminary feasibility studies have shown positive economic viability, with Front End Engineering Design expected to commence in Q3 2024. The ANEM Project sets a new standard for sustainable development, aligning with global efforts to transition to a lowcarbon economy and mitigate climate change impacts.

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