Investment in Healthcare Technology Startup UBERDOC by CharmHealth and Bioverge
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Investment in Healthcare Technology Startup UBERDOC by CharmHealth and Bioverge

CharmHealth and Bioverge have announced an investment in Bostonbased startup UBERDOC, which aims to democratize access to affordable healthcare by creating a nationwide network of physicians spanning over 50 specialties. UBERDOC, recently recognized with Startup and Founder of the Year awards, is set to accelerate its growth by adding more doctors and expanding geographically with the funding provided.

The investment round led by CharmHealth and Bioverge will support UBERDOC in its mission to revolutionize the healthcare landscape. UBERDOC offers a directpay patient model, providing a platform that complements existing insurance and direct primary care models. This approach gives patients, private companies, and government agencies direct access to a wide range of specialists outside the traditional insurance network, addressing the increasing demand for physician services while ensuring timely and affordable patient access.

UBERDOCs platform allows patients to schedule priority appointments with top doctors through inperson or telemedicine consultations. Patients have the flexibility to choose from a diverse pool of highly qualified physicians in their area without concerns about network restrictions or referral requirements. The company aims to make healthcare more accessible and transparent, offering appointments at an affordable, upfront price.

The recent funding round by CharmHealth and Bioverge will enable UBERDOC to significantly expand its network of physicians, which currently consists of 5,000 doctors across all 50 states. By joining UBERDOC, doctors gain access to a stream of directpay patients through exclusive contracts, allowing for increased practice success and more efficient appointment scheduling.

UBERDOCs founder and CEO, Paula Muto, M.D., FACS, expressed enthusiasm about working closely with CharmHealth and Bioverge to scale the platform. The funding represents a crucial step towards UBERDOCs goal of establishing a presence in every doctors waiting room and creating a seamless walkin system for specialty care.

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