St. Louis Entrepreneur Receives $1M to Build Innovative Pharmacy After Walgreens Closings
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St. Louis Entrepreneur Receives $1M to Build Innovative Pharmacy After Walgreens Closings

Dr. Marcus Howard, a 31yearold St. Louis entrepreneur, received $1M funding to build GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness, an innovative pharmacy addressing the impact of Walgreens closings in St. Louis. The pharmacy aims to combat pharmacy deserts by providing free delivery and telehealth services to residents, making care accessible from home. With 45,000 residents in St. Louis currently living in pharmacy deserts and more Walgreens closures looming, this initiative is crucial for the community.

The funding will be used to establish the fullservice pharmacy, employ pharmacists for telehealth services, and provide medication delivery to residents across the metropolitan area. Dr. Howards vision includes scaling the model across Missouri and partnering with investors to expand the concept nationwide, particularly in areas affected by pharmacy closures.

The funding round was led by a local foundation focused on health equity, which provided the $1M investment to support the development of GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness. Dr. Howards collaboration with Maxine Clark, the BuildaBear Workshop Founder, was instrumental in identifying potential investors. Despite facing multiple rejections, the project garnered support from 80 investors, ultimately securing funding for the innovative pharmacy endeavor.

In addition to offering convenient and inclusive pharmacy services, GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness aims to bridge the trust gap in underserved communities and cater to diverse patient needs. Dr. Howards mission is to provide quality healthcare services to all individuals, regardless of background, in an effort to address healthcare disparities prevalent in pharmacy deserts.


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