ZwitterCo Closes $58.4 Million Series B Funding Round
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ZwitterCo Closes $58.4 Million Series B Funding Round

ZwitterCo, a company transforming water treatment through advanced membrane technologies, has successfully closed its Series B funding round with a total of $58.4 million. The funding will be utilized to accelerate ZwitterCos mission of unlocking the potential of unconventional water sources to meet the increasing water demands of industries crucial for a lowcarbon future.

The funding round was led by Evok Innovations and joined by DCVC, BHP, Munich Re Ventures, Siteground, HG Ventures, and Blue Horizon Advisors. The oversubscribed round highlights the growing need for advanced membrane technology as global water shortages worsen due to climate change. ZwitterCos breakthrough zwitterionic membranes offer unprecedented resistance to organic fouling, ensuring longlasting efficiency compared to traditional membranes.

ZwitterCos technology is vital for industries involved in the lowcarbon transition, such as hydrogen production, renewable energy, and critical mineral extraction, helping to minimize water treatment costs, reduce downtime, and ensure water purity. The company has already deployed its products in over 50 industrial facilities worldwide, enabling customers to achieve cost savings and create new revenue streams through sustainable water reuse solutions.

This Series B funding represents a strategic partnership between ZwitterCo and sustainabilityfocused investors recognizing the importance of addressing decarbonization and water scarcity challenges. Evoks Partner, Naynika Chaubey, emphasized the critical role of clean water in the energy transition and the significance of ZwitterCos technology in ensuring water resiliency.

ZwitterCo plans to use the funding for international expansion and further development of its technology platform, solidifying its position as a leader in the water treatment industry. The companys Innovation Center near Boston showcases its commitment to driving sustainable water reuse and reducing chemical usage, ultimately contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.


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